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At Perform we are extremely passionate about improving your health and getting you back to performing at your best, whether that is competing in high level sport or being able to be more active with your kids.

We understand you and your pain and are committed to getting you back to what you love.

How We Work

Our consultations look to find the source and cause of your injury so we can not only decrease your pain but address the cause to avoid any future recurrence. When you see our highly skilled Physio’s you will:

  • Feel better with experienced and up to date Practitioners
  • Get long lasting results, not just short term symptom relief
  • Get an expert assessment and an accurate diagnosis
  • Receive proven treatment and a management plan

The Process Is Easy Simply book online below by selecting:

  1. Your Practitioner (view their Bio & info in the booking portal)
  2. Choose the Time and Date that best suits you.
  3. Enter your details
  4. Receive an immediate confirmation email and you’re all booked in!


That’s it. No logins, passwords and your information is totally secure.

Australian Physiotherapy Association