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Online Ergonomic Assessment

Found Yourself Working From Home?

Many of us have found ourselves working from home in a sub-optimal space and set up.

Our Physio’s can review your work station and give practical advice and suggestions to optimize your posture and reduce your risk of back and neck pain and other repetitive strain injuries.

Desk Setup

How Does It Work?

The world of healthcare is consistently evolving. With the rise in technology, Physiotherapy is now available via video conferencing so that you can have an ergonomic assessment of your home or office setup.

Your Physio will talk to you about any pain or injuries you may have and then review your current desk set up and orientation. We will give you practical advice on how to optimize your ergonomics with adjustments to your screen, desk and chair.

Next Step?

If you’re interested in having your home desk setup reviewed by our Physio’s, you can book directly via the button below or call and have a chat to us at the clinic.

Our Contacts

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  • E-mail: hello@performphysiopilates.com.au

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