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Physio Physiotherapy


Our Physio is elite. We diagnose, identify causation, relieve pain, restore movement and strengthen. So you can PERFORM better.

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates

Individual Clinical Exercise + Pilates sessions are run by your Physiotherapist to treat injuries and optimise movement.

Clinical Pilates Floor exercises

Our Clients

We believe that our client centred approach Physiotherapy creates a significant improvement in our clients’ lives, enabling them to live their best life, with improved movement and general health.

Our Purpose

To create a clinic that is a warm and welcoming space where our physiotherapists empower and lead clients to recover fully from injury. Our Physiotherapists are highly skilled in the ability to diagnose, identify causation, facilitate recovery to fully rehabilitate and recondition.

Our physio care and rehab is grounded in evidence, treating every client as an athlete ensuring complete recovery and optimal performance.  We relieving pain, restore movement and optimise strength and function so our clients can achieve their health and wellness goals and perform better.

Perform Physio + Pilates

Our Contacts

  • Address: 181 Upper Heidelberg Rd Ivanhoe VIC 3079
  • Phone: 03 9499 8658
  • E-mail: hello@performphysiopilates.com.au


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